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Useful Links

Below I have gathered links to the web sites I have found to be most useful for biblical studies. Many more can be found by using the directories listed at the bottom of this page.

Greek and Hebrew Fonts

The most commonly used Greek and Hebrew fonts are those distributed for free by the Society of Biblical Literature.

Greek Helps

Master Greek. A great app that lets you practice parsing to your heart's content.

Teknia. William D. Mounce (author of Basics of Biblical Greek) has a great website with free resources to help you learn biblical Greek.

Textkit. Lots of free, quality resources to help you learn classical Greek and Latin, including some on New Testament Greek.

Bible Software

Bible Software can be a very useful tool but I do not recommend that the beginning Greek student acquire a sophisticated program with easy access to grammatical information. It is too tempting to let the software do your homework for you and never learn Greek yourself.

Accordance. The best Bible sofware for serious work with the original languages.

STEP Bible. Delivered by Tyndale House, this free, web-based program includes the Hebrew and Greek texts (unfortunately not the best critical editions) and numerous translations. It provides instant access to the basic grammatical and lexical information when you click on an individual word, and has sophisticated search options.

Olive Tree. Bible software for your cell phone.

Other Software

NotaBene. The word processor for scholarly writing and so much more than a word processor. I use it to organize and retrieve all my research as well as to display Greek and Hebrew in the classroom. My dissertation was produced with NotaBene, all the way to the camera-ready copy.

Biblical Texts

Academic Bible. Read the Greek and Hebrew text (but not the apparatus) according to the critical editions, including the 28th edition of Nestle-Aland.

The Septuagint. The new, scholarly translation of the Septuagint available as free downloads.

The NET Bible. An excellent translation with extensive notes.

Bible Gateway. Read and search numerous Bible versions.

New Testament Greek displays the Greek text with textual variants and allusions to the verse in the church fathers.

Jewish Texts

Early Jewish Writings. Contains English translations of Philo, Josephus, and many of the Pseudepigrapha.

The Online Critical Pseudepigrapha. The Greek text of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha.

Targums. English translations of Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, Targum Onkelos, Targum to Psalms, Targum to Ruth, Targum to Song of Songs, and Targum to Lamentations.

The Jewish Encyclopedia. The full text of the classic 12 volume Jewish Encyclopedia published from 1901-1906.

Greek Texts

Perseus. A steadily expanding database containing lots of the essential Greek and Latin writings from antiquity, many with English translations. The site also gives you access to the full text of the Liddell-Scott-Jones lexicon. A wonderful research tool.

Library Resources

The first place to go to search for journal articles and essays in collected works is the Index Theologicus, the database from the University of Tübingen.

Books Available Online

Google Books. A vast amount of books have already been scanned and made available through this project. You can search for any word in the entire library and read a few pages of each book.

Oxford Scholarship Online. Search the full text of books from Oxford University Press and read abstracts of individual chapters.

The Internet Archive. A constantly expanding archive of books in the public domain.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library. A directory of classic theological works.

Loeb Classical Library. All the books in the Loeb series that are in the public domain are available for download.

Society of Biblical Literature. A wide selection of books published by the Society of Biblical Literature, available for download if you are in a country with a per capita GDP that is significantly lower than the US and the EU.

Online Journals


Bulletin for Biblical Research

Denver Journal. This journal is only published online and contains good book reviews, including valuable lists of recommended commentaries and textbooks.

Journal of of the Evangelical Theological Society

Review of Biblical Literature

Tyndale Bulletin

Sermons and Sermon Preparation

The Text This Week. An impressive directory of high quality resources for sermon preparation. Indexed by lectionaries and by Scripture references.

Sermons by Martin Luther.

Other Resources

The Paul Page. This page keeps track of internet resources related to Paul and the new perspective.


New Testament Gateway. The place to start when you are looking for NT resources online.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies. Especially good on Philo.

Biblical Extensive bibliographies on New Testament studies with links to books, articles, and sound files that are available online.